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Monday, March 8, 2010

To delete or not to delete?

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Ok so I started this blog for a love of blogging and arts and crafts. But I realize uploading the photos to my computer, then on to the blog, then writing a review about it... is such a hassle. The blog's a big huge mess! What started as strictly for my baking and threading stuffs, turned into a totally personal blog where I'd bitch about politicians, and people.... I realize later that those things are easy things to blog about. You don't need pictures, just ramble on and on and on.... But dedicating your blog to a specific topic, your blogging style becomes limited. I thought of doing up a whole new blog from scratch, and create a better vibe... but its so sad to leave behind the stuff I've written.... All those memories!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the hits I used to get last time. Feels very loved when people started linking back to you. Or I might just clean up this blog. I don't know.... what do you think?

Friday, January 15, 2010

New Year Post

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OMG!! Its been a long time since I blogged. I've been addicted to Facebook! Thankfully, I haven't picked up on the Twitter thing yet. But I don't think I would any time soon.

Well, the start of the new year, I've been rather upset. Upset with my stinking life!! While my friends are getting married, building a family, building careers, I am stuck in this shithole. I went to a former classmate's wedding last month. And I reminisce about the times we had in poly. I recall how she would chase after boys, but they just don't see her anymore than just friends. Must have been sickening for her. When I was dating my boyfriend, she just got her heart broken. And now she's the first one to be married. LOL. Then it finally dawn on me... its been almost 4 years since we graduated!! FOUR!!! Stop dreaming!!!

I am so pressured to get a job, settle down with my long time boyfriend. I told him when I turn 26. 26 is a good number right? My friends will be settling down with babies by then... Aku lambat 2 tahun. :( Insya'allah panjang umur, murah rezeki! Btw, another one of my primary sch classmate just got engaged. One more just delivered a beautiful baby girl (quite huge!) and another is about to. I am so sad! This is so DEPRESSING! No one's making me get married. But I'm just worried... what if?????????

I have no hobbies as of now. Maybe just to eat less.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I scratch your back, you scratch mine

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I've been having this problem with a certain someone I know. I think I've been extremely nice to her. To the point where I'll collect her books on her behalf because I was around the neighborhood so she won't have to travel to school for it. I even went out early from home to pass her her stuff at the train station before I make my way to school. But I realize she's not the sort who will return the kind of favor without me even asking her!

I did it as a friend, and out of courtesy.

I'll inform her if I'm not going home with her or will be late. But she wouldn't do the same. Most of the time, I'll see her just went off without me. Only to ask me through sms, "Where are you. I'm at the station". WTF. I go home without you lah!

When she's late for class, I picked up a copy of her notes. But when I am late myself, would she? Never! I'd have to text her for it. Sometimes it really pisses me off. Just like on the train yesterday after school. We got to know this new girl in class and decided to take the train together. And just like how she'd behave, she ignored my presence so she could talk to the new girl. Then when the girl alighted, she went back to ignoring me again.

A bit chibai right you forget about me because you have immersed yourself with your cliques. What's wrong with telling me, "Hey I'm going off for dinner with my friends". Rather than making me wait in the fucking lab for the email I never got to receive from her just like how she promised. Only to go back home and receive an sms 5 hours later saying, "Hey I'm sorry. I left early to go have dinner with the rest".

And the best one yet... is when I wanted her to share with me the info the lab demo told her about an experiment, she'd either say, "nanti kejap" or "I don't know". Then why was she haggling around the lab demo for?


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Why I Like Xiaxue's blog Over Dawn Yang's?

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Ok, I remember now why I like reading Xiaxue's blog compared to Dawn Yang. I came across a comment in XX's blog. And the anonymous reader said something like, "Xiaxue is ugly, and heavily photoshopped. Dawn Yang is a natural beauty and she look exactly like she did in photos".

Ok, I find this comment the most hilarious thing ever. I tried to give Dawn Yang's blog a shot. But I have no interest in the things she blogged about. Fake eyelashes aside, I think I prefer XX's because of the content. She makes funny jokes, and thought provoking entries. Had she not brought up the matter about Ipone's inability to accommodate long fingernails, it'll never have crossed my mind! And I am amazed at her photoshopping skills. And most importantly, she wrote entries that any normal person could relate to.

Dawn Yang's entry after entry; about dinner, lunch, breakfast at the most expensive restaurants. I don't know if she is actually paid to review about their food, but her entries looked so lifeless, and I am like... so what? As if most of her teenage readers could afford half of what she could, or experience the things she did. I seriously think Dawn Yang is a big show off. What do people actually see in her writing? I have no idea. She does not make a good story teller. Maybe a pretty face you'll love to see pasted on your bedroom wall.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Adelaide's Tourist Attractions

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They refer to their neighbourhood shops as Deli. Here in Singapore, its Mamak shop.

I remember telling my boyfriend how much I missed the times I had while in Adelaide. Though I hated the transport service cos it takes forever to arrive (sometimes disrupted by the strike) and the train stations smelt of urine, I loved the weather, the people, the driving, and the shopping experience. The people are so nice even if they don't listen to you 90% of the time. They'd go "yeah, yeah, naw, yeah".. or "naw, its alright". So you know they're not interested and wants you to piss off. HAHAHA. I love the sunshine, and the breath of fresh air when you walk along the beaches.

You'll never get lost in Adelaide if you have a GPS with you wherever you go. And the driving experience is so smooth. You don't have rude drivers on the road; at least that was what we experienced when we were there.

When we were in Adelaide, we bought a tourist card from a Tourist Centre for $79 per person. It was worth it, because we went for a jet ride and also boarded a sailing boat along Glenelg coastal.

Each cost almost $90 each. So the Tourist Card was a blessing! Otherwise we'd have to pay almost $200 per person. With the card also, we visited the Train Museum in Port Adelaide, and we also visited Gorge Wildlife Park. The Train Museum was at first a really stupid idea, cos we wanted to kill time while waiting for our turn to ride 'Hel-a-va' Jet in Glenelg!! Its an enclosed speed boat, where the driver will take you for an F1 ride but on water and he'll make 180 degrees turn!! SHIOK!

Glenelg is now a place for the rich. Man, the apartments are so beautiful and looks expensive. And with a view to die for!

We thought we'd give 5 minutes for the museum. But instead we took a whole hour!!!!!!!!!! It was so interesting! When you look into one cabin, you want to look into a million others. I have never rode in a long-haul trains before. So it was such an experience. To be able to see what 19th Century trains look like inside and out, and the coffins they used to transport dead people, and also the cute tickets that were given out to passengers. It was so interesting!! We even rode the mini train which was meant for kids. HAHAHAHA! We are Singaporeans man! Very Kiasu!!

At Adelaide Train Museum in Port Adelaide. My sister crossing the railway track. We bought magnets at the sourvenier shop for $3 for our fridge. We later bought 6 more for our fridge also. HAHAHAHA! The shop sells so many cute things! My brother bought 3 train key chains that resembled the museum logo. The guys mending the shop were former train operators. They are really friendly! They know where Singapore is. At least Australians knows Singapore is a country and not in China!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Temptation Cruise in Glenelg. It gets really really really cold when you're out in the sea. I was sea sick the whole time. I know I have a sea sick problem since I was 12. So I stayed put at my seat, which is seatless really. We spotted a dolphin nearby, but they were too far for any of our cameras to capture a photograph of them.

Hel-a-va Jet in Glenelg. I sat at the back. Should have sat in the front!! Couldn't take any nice videos of the ride. You should try this if you're in Adelaide. It is AWESOME! All my aunts and uncles and parents and siblings loved it!! SHIOK!! There were 10 of us who went to Adelaide. Told you we had a family gathering in Australia!!

Glenelg's Tram depot. So many ice creams in Glenelg. And they are HUUUUGEEE!! And did I mention the fries are thick too? HEHEHEHEHE!!

When we arrived back in Singapore, a week later a hand written postcard from SA Tourist Centre with my family name spelt correctly(!!) made us felt so welcomed to even step into Adelaide.

Making reservations through phone can be quite a hassle. Because they pronounce letters differently, the way we pronounce A, they will think its E. So don't be surprised if you arrive at your destination, and then they said your name was not reserved. HAHAHA.

To tell you quite honestly, Adelaide is quite a boring place. There's not much fantastic tourist destinations avaliable. To get to one, you need to drive at least 2 hours to Hahndorf, which is the oldest German village town in Australia, I think. When we were there, we visited a German strawbery farm, Beerenberg. I found out about this place through the internet. But never gave it much thought, because I thought it was a stupid place to go to. But... I did go in the end, and I think I enjoyed plucking the strawberries myself. I think we had to pay $9 for a small bucket, regardless of weight!! We had 2 buckets. So we plucked to the brim! And we ate some while plucking. Hehehe.... I have never seen how a strawberry plant looks like:

My family will work for strawberries. HEHEHE....

The strawberries were absolutely juicy!

Ok, I have a question... How do you spell Glenelg, backwards? ;)

It was one of the weekday, I think it was Wednesday. Public school teachers were having a strike. And so my little cousin had a school holiday for a day!! So we ALL, 13 of us drove 2 hours or so to Monarto Zoo. I did manage to see the feeding time for Giraffe. It was so cool. But I couldn't stay long cos we need to go for our Safari Tour.

Actually, to tell you the truth, Monarto Zoo isn't a self drive in Safari like in Jakarta. But we had to board a bus with their tour guide. The tour guide was fantastic!! She was a volunteer for the Zoo and I enjoyed her guide very much.

Hyenas. Damn, they look ugly. Whenever I see a hyena, I can only think of Akuna Mattata! LOLOL! And how much I used to hate them as a kid because they killed my Lion King!!

If you're thinking of going to Monarto Zoo, or any of their outbacks for that matter, please bring along a Sun block that is very powerful and a handheld fan also. It gets bloody hot. Its not humid hot like in Singapore. But very very very stinging HOT! We came back 3 shades darker.

A short drive from Hahndorf is Melba's Chocolate Factory. It's not as great as Perth's Chocolate Factory. I love Perth's Chocolate Factory because they had unusual products like chocolate soap bars, chocolate alcohol, everything chocolate. But the Chocolate Factory we visited in Adelaide, was not as interesting. Its like a normal chocolate shop, except they had open factory concept. Much bigger than the one in Perth. You can see their workers make the chocolates and pack them. They also sold quirky chocolates. Like cow's and sheep's chocolate spat. Alphabet chocolates. And chocolate bullets, chocolate coffee. Plus, you can eat a lot of their chocolate samples for free. That is if you're thick skinned.

On top of that, we visited Gorge Wildlife Park. It was a family-runned zoo. So it stinked like hell!!!! But they allowed us to feed all the animals we see, unless stated otherwise. We fed parrots, peacocks, Kangaroo and the smaller kangaroo version, I don't know whats the name. We also took photos with Koalas. When I was smaller, I was so scared of Koalas and Kangaroos and Wombats; and I refused to hold them or touch them for a photo. But now... I love them!! They have such a smooth fur. But a Koala's claws can get really painful. But it's so cool to even hold them. They feel as heavy as a 2 year old toddler.

I love Adelaide very much. Probably the most fantastic vacation my family ever had to date!! I hope to go back there again.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tuts my barreh, Rape me in my thighs

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First it was Valentina Hassan who trashed one of Mariah Carey's #1 song "Can't Live Without You". Now, I came across another who trashed her mega hit song, "Touch My Body". What's up with wannabes and Mariah Carey's music man!?!?!

Ok, so the video I found has attracted more than a million views and thousands of comments. Its this Korean guy who could speak no English trying to sing Mariah Carey's music during a Karaoke session.

Check out a particular part of the song though. My favourite laugh moment came at 1:03;

"Tuts my barreh, Rape me in my thighs..... Tuts my barreh, Know you love my cock"


Friday, May 29, 2009

The Accidental Couple

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There's a Korean show airing on KBS World which I think is worth the watch. I came across the 2nd episode of the show by accident. I was about to change the channel, when I got hooked to the storyline. Its about a humble postman who found himself in a friendship with an A-list celebrity. At least, that was what he thought: friendship. Instead he realize he was only there to act as her boyfriend in front of everyone, then ignoring him behind closed doors. She was still in love with a wuss who won't stand up to his father to defend their relationship. Instead the wuss was willing to be engaged to a woman his father chose him: a daughter of a successful businessman.

The guy who acted as the humble postman isn't that handsome. In fact, he's not handsome at all. Why they decided to go with that guy as their main cast, I have no idea. In a selling-point point of view, when a first time viewer sees the first few seconds, they won't be attracted to the show because the main lead is not good looking. And on top of that, the couple were such a mismatch. The idea of having a weak and dumb looking guy with an over-empowering woman, just makes me feel the 'relationship' will not develop into something serious in the end. Maybe just good friends and nothing else. It won't become one of those friends-turn-boyfriendgirlfriend thing. Korean drama almost always ends with romance. So perhaps in this show, there won't be romance for an ending? Or perhaps he'd grow out of the dumb looking guy and turns into a masculine one?

But if they took the time to pay attention to the storyline, then perhaps they'd be as hooked as me. Just my view. I'd give this show a chance. The ending of the 2nd episode just got interesting with a reporter moving in to expose their fake relationship.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cash Hand-Outs To Dead People

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Cash for Aussie 'grateful dead'

The Australian government has admitted that cash hand-outs aimed at stimulating the economy have been sent to thousands of people who are dead.

The money was part of a multi-billion dollar package under which every tax-payer was entitled to a payment of up to A$900 ($700, £440).

About A$14m of the money went to dead people, ministers said, and A$25m to Australians living overseas.

Local media have dubbed the deceased recipients "the grateful dead".

Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner said that the money would still help Australia's economy.

"Even where they go to people who are dead, of course they go to the estate," he told local media.

"The estate typically is going to consist of ordinary Australians who will in turn get the payments, and on balance over time, will spend those payments."

He did acknowledge that a "tiny proportion" of the money might be spend overseas, by expatriates.

But another minister said more than 99% of the money had gone to the right people.

Members of the opposition were not appeased.

"If anybody saw any of the dead out there spending up big at Harvey Norman or Coles or Woolworths, please let me know," ABC news quoted Liberal Senator Simon Birmingham as saying.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! Politicians do have a sense of humor.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Nuffnang Malaysia Is A Retard

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I came across this stupid website to Nuffnang. And was really annoyed at their stand. Its ridiculous that they say they're 'committed to responsible drinking', and because of that, they had to keep out Muslim. Does being a non-Muslim mean you won't get drunk by drinking alcohol? Shouldn't they also take responsibility on the lives of non-Muslims? What are they trying to imply?

There's so many Muslims in this world who blatantly disregard the commands in Islam. Drinking in full view of another practicing Muslim. Just look at your nearest local pub. You'll see a whole lot of them drinking TIGER BEER! And just in case you didn't know, Tiger Beer also employs Muslims in their factories. Stupid assholes.

While I think they added that clause to please the Muslim clerics, the way they put it is as if mocking at Muslims for being Muslims. Why not place sign boards on every pubs and clubhouse which states clearly "We Are Commited To Responsible Drinking Which Is Why We Need To Ensure That You Are Non-Muslim And Over The Legal Drinking Age of 18".


Up yours for discrimination.

Monday, May 25, 2009

I Think KM900 Is Worth The Wait

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Singtel is selling LG Viewty for $0 for their iOne Plus plan. Starhub on the other hand, is selling LG Viewty for $98 for their 3G PowerValue 100. Both plans cost the same ($25.68) and both had the same plan specifications. But as I went around comparing the same phones with the same value plan from these 2 different service providers, I came to realize Starhub is selling their phones for at least $50 more than their competitor, Singtel. Why?!

I love the latest phone by LG which is called KM900. It has functions similar to LG Viewty, but with added functions like Wifi, GPS and has internal memory of 8GB which you can increase by using a transflash up to 16GB!!! That's absolutely insane! What amount of music and movies do you want to add into your phone?! It is nothing like iPhone. Except I like the 3D cube concept. Looks stylish and very funky. The price to buy this phone with the plan I'm using (3G PowerValue 100) is $468.00 w/GST. For the same plan, Singtel is selling this phone for $418. :(

Should I wait for 6 months before upgrading my phone? And hopefully it comes in baby pink colour.